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Artist Statement

Andrea (Andrew) began his photography training at the Art Institute of Modena (Italy) under the direction of Alessandra Bergamini and Alessandra Ganzerla.  While there, he attended many workshops held by “Fondazione Fotografia Modena”, where he researched artists such as Franco Fontana, Mimmo Jodice, and Gabriele Basilico. During his last year at the Institute, he began an internship at Lombardi & Patelli, working as an assistant photographer for brands such as Ferrari, Ducati, Maserati, and Lamborghini. After graduating in 2012, he began his first job as a graphic worker at Edis S.p.a (Panini Group). Since then, he has held positions as a photographer/graphic designer at Italian Touch, Collezioni Bambini, Saldi Privati, and Superstudio.

In 2015, Andrea made the decision to change his life and move to the United States.  In March 2017, he received his Employment Authorization Document which allowed him to start working for his first American company, CORE Contemporary Dance, a non-profit based out of Folsom, CA, where he has been the photographer and graphic designer for over a year.

After receiving his Permanent Residence Card, Andrea was accepted into Arizona State University, where he started the Digital Photography BFA program to further his knowledge of digital communication and media. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Andrea moved to Milwaukee to support the foundation of his partner’s contemporary dance company Nova Linea ( There, he still covers the position of Assistant Creative Director.

Andrea is currently a Graduate student candidate at Arizona State University, with the focus on researching Graphic Information Technology methods to improve art accessibility, Higher Education access to U.S. Museums, and creative infrastructures.

In September 2022, Andrea started working as a Corporate Trainee at Quad, a Global Marketing Experience Company, based out of Sussex, Wisconsin. As a Trainee, Andrea is working in administrative roles, supporting many areas of the business, with the main concentration on the creative and marketing strategies to enhance the client and customer experiences.

As a creator, it is my belief I have a voice to share within the art world. I aim to connect and intertwine different art forms in order to gather and engage a broad audience. Through my personal process and interconnected methods, I intend to lead the viewers through superimposition of layers of meaning, theme, and emotions to obtain a thought-provoking response.

As an immigrant, I come from a position of disadvantage when it comes to proper and concise communication skills. In most instances, I rely on my products to define my vision. My own personal artistic style requires a methodological procedure and a keen situational awareness.

As a photographer, I focus on the research of element engagement and the stimulation of senses. This starts with me taking photographs of anything that inspires me. I am attracted by features and themes that I am familiar with or have experienced first-hand. From here, I synthesize the lines and forms of the photos into illustrations on paper. Next, I trace these on canvas and apply a mixture of compound, gypsum, binder, and acrylic paint to create sculptural surfaces. I developed this technique on my own, due to the lack of something in photography, to a point where it was not enough for me. I felt incomplete, and this transfer of art mediums has helped me achieve a higher level of expression.

On a larger scale, I feel empowered by blending and cohesively integrating different forms of art. I think it is crucial for artists to share their cultures and to collectively learn about each other’s stories. This could positively affect everyone and inspire individual style. Some of the mediums I have worked with are photography, dance, painting, comics, digital, and manual drawings. Because I am working with so many layers, this will facilitate and increase viewership to a wider audience. It is my hope to enhance this sharing process to reach those who may have a limited experience.

On a global level, I am engaged to ensure art is acknowledged and accessible to anyone and everyone. Art accessibility is one of my key points when it comes to outreach. I believe everyone should be able to access art no matter their socio-economic, mental, physical, or political status. Working towards making art accessible will help the community share the importance of the arts as a social need and social medium. Having a wider audience experiencing diverse forms of art will increase curiosity, interest, and expand artists’ business. Art galleries and museums are great places where to begin having these conversations in order to inspire and nurture this social involvement with art.

As a neurodiverse individual with sensory overload, I believe that it is important to recognize that most of the art infrastructures in the United States are not keen to support those who have physical or mental impairments when it comes to museum’s attendance and accessibility.

Verbal communication does not have a state of matter and lives in thin air.
Art is the best approach I have to invalidate the sense of inadequacy I go through by living in a country that is not my native.
Art is my best hope to have to speak clearly and truthfully about managing the unmanageable.
Words don’t matter when art takes place. Through art, I am able to channel my sorrow into shapes, forms, and colors.

This is my way of seeing.
This is my way of understanding.
This is my language.


  • Fondazione Fotografia Modena (Modena, IT) – February 2011
  • Istituto D’Arte “A. Venturi” (Modena, IT) – April 2011
  • 87 Ocean Drive (Modena, IT) – June 2012
  • Café Concerto (Modena, IT) – September 2012
  • Foro Boario (Modena, IT) – September 2013
  • La Crepa Disco Club (Modena, IT) – October 2013
  • Via Taglio 12 (Modena, IT) – February 2014
  • Università degli Studi di Milano (Milano, IT) – May 2014
  • Superstudio (Milano, IT) – June 2014
  • Sofia Theater (Sacramento, CA) – May 2018
  • Fourth Avenue Street Fair (Tucson, AZ) – December 2019
  • Sharon Lynne Center For The Arts (Brookfield, WI) – November 2021
  • La Fête (Wales, WI) – February 2022